Bypass live working system for live overhaul and other operations can greatly improve the strain resolving power of each power supply company to natural disaster and power grid emergency, and has great significance in providing power supply reliability and quality service of electric power company.
1.Bypass complete power non-stop system
2.Replacement of overhead conductors under normal live condition
3.Changing the transformer without under normal live condition
4.Uninterrupted power-shift multi-gear pole under normal live condition
5.Handling of cable failures under normal live condition
Vehicle model QJM5100XXH
Chassis type QL100A8LAY state V chassis
Bypass load switch Rated voltage: 12 kV, rated current: 200A, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated breaking load current: 200A, mechanical life: 10000 times, power frequency withstand voltage: 42kV to ground; phase to phase 42kV; in-phase fracture: 48kV, with automatic nuclear phase, air pressure display function, counting function, locking device, The invention has the functions of electro-dynamic operation, voltage and current display, and can realize staggered phase locking function. The above functions are integrated in the integrated design. Two modes of operation: electric and manual.
High-voltage flexible cable Operating voltage: 8.7/15kV, rated current: 200A, rated frequency: 50Hz, conductor cross-sectional area: 50mm2, power frequency withstand voltage: 39kV/5min
Cable butt connector Rated voltage: 8.7/15 kV, rated current: 200A, rated frequency: 50Hz withstand frequency voltage: 39 kV/5 min, lightning resistance voltage: ± 95 kV (10 times) power frequency local discharge characteristic: 12 kV/10 pC or less.
Cable T-connector Rated voltage: 8.7/15kV, rated current: 400A, rated frequency: 50Hz, power frequency voltage 39kV/5min, lightning resistance voltage ± 95 kV (10 times each), power frequency local discharge characteristic: 12 kV/10 pC or less.
Outline dimension 7995X2430X3700mm


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