The vehicle, whose special devices primarily include the lifting device and the cage, is mainly used for working at heights such as installation and maintenance. With a skirt plate structure, the lateral guarding device is welded to the sub frame, made of Q235A steel plate, and 540 mm above from the ground. 3. And the rear lower guarding device is made of Q235A cross bars.
Top loading type (made in the U. S. A.) Folding plus telescopic type
Height of the work cage bottom to the ground 18.30m
Maximum operation height 20.50m
Maximum operating range 12.30m
Ride height after the boom retracted 3.76m
Rate load of the work cage 272kg
Effective insulation length of the upper boom Full folding
Full extension
Full extension 4.55m
Effective insulation length of the lower boom 0.61M
Load-bearing of the small boom 454kg
Control Two-way full hydraulic control and hydraulically automatic leveling of the work cage
UNITROL single-handle three-dimension control of the upper part
Horizontal rotation control of the upper work cage
Override control of the lower work cage
Machinery system Two-way and 360-degree continuous rotation of the turntable
All motion fulcra use non-lubricated bearings and are free of maintenance
A-shaped bearing leg
Technical indicators of the chassis Chongqing Isuzu QL1160VMFRY
Engine power 151 kw
Comply with national V standard
Air-conditioning and heating air
Number of cab crew: 3 persons
Overall dimensions: 7990*2490*3760
Other capabilities Engine remote control on/off
Outriggers/booms interlocking, whole vehicle anti-rollover
Power system for emergency
Manual choke & stop
Hydraulic tool interface of the work cage
Electrical insulation Test according to American ANSI A92.2 1990, Class C, 46 KV standard

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