This vehicle adopts the Isuzu QL1100A8KAY chassis and optionally the original imported upper device from the DONGHAE. It can be used for daily live maintenance and emergency repair of distribution line. It can also be used in municipal, garden, post and telecommunications, mobile communication and other general aerial work.
1.Intelligent working state presentation
2.Multifunctional small crank arm
3.High electrical insulation performance
4.Internal and external insulation working cage
5.Intelligent environment measurement and control system
6.Diversified tool storage facilities
Vehicle model QJM5091JGK
Upper device brand Korea DONGHAE
Upper device model DHT180AS
Arm support structure retractable type
Max working height 17.5m
Max working radius 11m
Rotation angle 360° Continuous arbitrary rotation
Effective length of insulating arm 3.0m
Test voltage of insulating arm 105KV
External cage side test voltage 50KV/400mm
Interior cage side test voltage 50KV/3min
Insulation grade 46kV and less
Working cage rotation angle ±120°
Working cage rated load (dual persons cage) 300kg
Working cage vertical lift 0.5m
Small crane load 490kg
Leg type H type
Selected chassis QL1100A8KAY
Engine power 141kw(state V)
Vehicle shape dimensions 6980*2230*3700mm
Technical characteristics Bidirectional control: hydraulic control of revolving stage, electric control on cage, automatic level of working cage, overtaking control of lower part, anti-overturning device of whole vehicle, emergency auxiliary device, visual detecting device of working condition, etc.
Optional distribution Automatic recovery of joint arm and auto adjustment of whole vehicle
Technical standard Comply with the ANSIA92.2-2000 standard of the United States

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